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What is happening with the arena lob? 

i normaly play with 200 ping, but for some reason yestarday and today the ping is like 300-450 andsome times it spike to 800.


its not only me, my opponent too appear to have the same issue.

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The servers that are used for updating are most likely not the same as the once for blade and soul. Usually, they are gonna at least have one update server for all the game they are hosting maybe more. So it should not be impacting game performance. The only thing that is, is when there is a BIG update is the giant masses of players compared to 'normal days' playing the game at the same time.


However, i think they have actually migrated blade and soul to new server. Im not entierly certain, but we could not even manage to play a single tag match the other day. Not because the game would have been dead, but because of random disconnects, not getting into the game after finding a match and not being able to log back in afterwards. I told it a friend and he only said "new servers seem to be working properly". Didnt even bother to try anymore then as i could not log in either.

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