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Weekly bonus for clan battle is not updated


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From the last week, our Clan has placed in rank 90, but we were getting 45% bonus which is wrong reward. Plus it still showed that we are at rank 394. I have submiited ticket last time, but support didn't correct and answered so wrong. Our clan members are so disappointed and this happened today again. 

The weekly clan reward says "it will be updated after maintenance" but the bonus wasn't  updated today neither even if our clan got placed on rank 76.

I really wonder if other clans are same as ours. Please fix this bug and let us have the bonus.

We supposed to get 65% Clan battle bonus last week, but we missed it because of this bug.

We also are missing 70% Clan battle bonus this week(I checked it after maintenance, but still 45% and it still shows rank 394 last week. what the......

Please fix the bug, our clan members are getting so disappointed because we were so excited to farm peaches with bonus from last week and this week, but the bonus error really frustrated us.

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