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Constant GPU crashes


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I have had this issue where I randomly get GPU crashes while playing the game.  The game will function like normal until it happens, then suddenly black screen and I have to restart the PC because it does not recover.  I can still hear people talking on teamspeak while this happens.  Before this last patch it was bearable since it did not happen much.  But since last Wednesday I crash before I can complete any dungeon or quest and I can't progress.


intel i7 3930k

2x GTX Titan sli

32 gb ram

custom water cooling loop, never above 60 celcius


This PC has been running 5 years and I have run many benchmarks to stress test it.  Nothing is overclocked atm, I have actually lowered the stock clocks on GPU to see if that will improve stability.  Blade and Soul is the only program that I have ever encountered this issue.  I try to run the game on 32 bit client and it is giving me some debugger running in background error as well.

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That honestly sounds more like a hardware issue than a issue with the game.

Then again i hear a lot of people have issues with the nvidia config utility for the gpu and whenever new drivers are released as those are always bad optimized


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