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New feature suggestion: In-game Barber/Beautician

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In the spirit of aesthetic customization, it would be a god send to have an NPC that will allow players to exchange gold or possibly naryu silver for a change in hairstyle. Currently to make such a small change would cost you 1000 NCOIN which is not worth it for such a trivial change. 

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bump for more responses. It would definitely be a quality of life upgrade that would help make the player base very appreciative. The only reason i don't see it being implemented the way we want is, money. They would likely have to develop an interface for us to utilize this feature and i'm sure if they considered it, the topic that will arise is: "how will we make money from this".


Sadly this game seems insistent on that very topic so may i suggest a trade off? My suggestion affects premium membership and hongmoon store products. Currently the premium is lacking so maybe allow the beautician feature to be a perk of lvl (you decide) premium members. That way, more people are willing to buy premium to access the feature and it's not considered pay to win in any shape or form.

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