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[Jinsoyun] Chinese Mafia - VT Sell Topic


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Hello, We selling  Temple of Eluvium and Scions Keep Item


We are selling:

All necklace

All Badge

Weapon for: KungFuMaster, Assassin, Destroyer, Gunslinger, SoulFighter, BladeMaster, BladeDancer.

Actually we have 3 raid of Temple of Eluvium and 4 raid Scions Keep

Most of our raid member have more than 10 full run experience

We can carry more than 15 buyer every week


Add me on discord if u are interreste for more information ShivitaW#7050

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18 hours ago, FrozenB said:

I think the price is fair beside the entry fee. If there is no entry fee, I would take the offer.

Consiering the queen is easy to kill if you know what you are doing...no. plus the stuff will become much easier to obtain once the december patch hits

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Since the orb/item to trade for the badge doesn't have 100% drop rate, the price is still fair even after the december patch. The price of them won't drop anytime soon. (Each orb/item consist of 3-4 classes to fight over it in the raid. Aka. usually half of the raid will bid over it. In addition, VT can't be resetted so at most you can only run VT raid 1 time per week.) In my raid, someone bidded over 5k+ golds on them when they dropped. Also, these badges do worth this much of the golds considering how powerful they are.

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