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Amber - status damage - grab


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The new gem amber does not work with grab. It seems to be an old bug - so status damage is not applied to grabbed targets in general.


I did detailed tests. And here are the results:


Grabble of a summoner: works

Stunned target: works

Knock downed target: works

Air combo: works

Grab with restraint: does not work!

Grab without restraint: does not work!


I do not think this is how it is supposed to be since grabble and air combo are strong or even stronger in pvp.


Would be cool to use the new gem in PvE having Blade Dancers or Destroyers in your party.

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thank you for your reply.


Item: Hongmoon Hexagonal Amber

Skill: Phantom Grip (Blade Dancer 4) to apply grab status. Then use Blade Flight (Blade Dancer 1 during grab) for example.


Test one time with Hongmoon Hexagonal Amber and once without: you do the same damage.


For comparison you can do air combos or apply other status effects: in these cases amber does increase your damage.

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