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About Merchant of Wonder, it would be cool if...

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She actually spawns everywhere, just with different rate.


-Den/Necro/Lair: lowest spawn rate. Virtually non-existent to prevent spamming. However, this act as a nice little surprise gift to players when she actually spawns here. Maybe necro has a little higher rate due to how long the dungeon is.


-Gloom/Nexus: Not sure with gloom is excluded (maybe cuz of afk-prone?). Nexus keeps getting a cold shoulder, especially after it is no longer needed to do it for HM skill achievement. In any case, these dungeons would have current spawn rate of Mast/Sogun, kinda rare but she is still there waiting.


-Big six: the more recent the better spawn rate. No complain here.


-12-man raid: 100% spawn rate upon finishing the main boss. I mean, we pretty much only complete the two 12-man dungeons once per week (maybe two for DKV with reset), so it would be a cool implement if we know she is there. For MSP, maybe she has 100% spawn rate at stage 6.


-Heaven's Mandate: not sure why this dungeon is excluded. It is a daily and can only access via an item. It also has resets for NCWest to sell. This should be on pair with Cold Storage in term of Spawn rate.

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Why should it spawn in low dungeons where it takes you under 5 min to clear it? it would just lead to abuse nothing more.

Gloom / Nexus....are "fun" to do every now and then, but farming them would be uttermost cancer and a time waste.


I agree about the 12 man raids, since they are weekly would be nice to have the merchant in there.


Heavens madate is too easy and cheesy to farm, can even be soloed super fast as the boss has no enrage timer, id put it in the same bucket as Den/Necro/Lair

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1 hour ago, Dark Falz said:

Except that cold storage is even easier to solo and is still in the event.

Most likely, and this wouldnt suprise me, they checked and saw more people had a lot of mandate resets vs cold storage so thats why cold storage is included, plus they had to have at least 1 dungeon where not so geared players could get a shot at the merchant, else it would be cast as another whale event.

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What a rig event npc! 10 run of Desolate Tomb and no darn npc! 11 run the NPC show up with horrible sale. My sis got all the new event outfit but i didn't even seen it once. Like the rate is so freaking horrible and the merchant of wonder is limited to all the hard dungeon. RIG RIG RIG XD

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