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naryu sanctum Issue

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Hello, please share with me if you have came across this issue.

I have the feel that ever since the last two patches (even worse after the oct. 18th patch) naryu sanctum have some issue with loading into it. Players log off randomly after entering at cross sever dungeon, randomly logging off mid 1st boss, the mini's boss shockwaves and adds are invisiable and generally very laggy. 

I have just started farming NS in order to get the urban legend bracelet and farming the exchange tokens in the last couple of the days. I have ran it quite extensively in the last couple of days around 30 runs and its really awful experience logging out mid fight. Only today I logged out twice and I have seen other players log out around 5 times in couple of hours..

if anyone else have the same feeling as I do, please share it, for your notice administration..

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