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Hello guys,
I've recently returned to this game last since 2015. However, a lot of things changed. I can barely recognize most of the stuff. Decided to play Assassin for both PvE and PvP. 
However, I have no 0 idea which Soul shield currently is good (or combos such as stepping stones while getting there), Legendary equipment such as Bracelet/ Soul. Currently I'm still deciding which way to go - Shadow or Lightning build for PvE.
If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it !

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Get Midnight Skypetal Plains soul shield.. thats a start, I dont know how many pieces you need because I dont play Sin. Don't worry about your soul or bracelet until you are at weapon stage 10-12. But you should farm Desolate Tomb for the legendary necklace and elemental ring. Ebondrake Citadel's legendary ring is not that bad, but you will get rid of it really fast, so I don't recommend putting money on it. Get your Leg Belt from Naryu Fondry too, it helps.. That's what I remember for the beginning.

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