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Things that REALLY need to be changed for Blade & Soul.

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Hello all! 


I'm posting this as per suggestion on reddit where the original thread is. If you want to read it there, here is the link: https://redd.it/77pmin


Today I've had a good 2 hours to kill so I thought I'd do what I've wanted to do for a while and just plaster some of my ideas and suggestions out there that I think this game either really strongly needs or would be much better with.

It's quite a long thread so I apologise about that in advance. If you'd like tl;dr versions for it all, just read the underlined text for each numbered section.

1. Rework the mailing fees for everything / change the values to be appropriate based off of the current state of the game, and do this more frequently.


There are so many items that are arbitrarily set to costs that make no sense which render said items useless to a large portion of people. The perfect example for this would be legendary gem hammers which cost an insane 5g each mailing fee when you can now just keep re-rolling a new weapon for chump change in comparison. If these items are to be of any value at all, they need to be either free or cost a negligible amount to mail otherwise there's just no point of them existing. Additionally, there are some items that should be free at this point such as freezing orbs from CS and black feathers from HM since that content is old and outdatet but the most glaringly obvious examples of things that need adjustments:

  • Petal of Lament - currently cost 1g each to mail  
  • Flower of Lament - currently cost 5g each to mail  
  • Taikhan skin - currently 5g each to mail  
  • Legendary Gem Hammer - currently cost 5g each to mail  



2. Remove the sacred longgui key system for MSP soul shields or change the costs of them.


What even was the point of making the soul shield boxes so accessible if you're going to keep these soul shields the most expensive set in the entire game? These are supposed to be entry level yet they technically cost several hundreds of gold in value for moonstones/sacred crystals just to unlock. To make it worse... that's just for taking what you get-- you could potentially need to go through over a thousand gold in resources to get stat rolls you wish for. No other soul shield set in the game has this insane and arbitrary cost 
 tied to it. If the keys need to stay, then change the cost per to be something more realistic. 


My two suggestions are to either change it to be 1 sacred longgui key to open each box or to change the costs per key to the following:

  • Current: 1x moonstone, 8x sacred crystal  
  • New: 1x sacred crystal, 4x soulstone crystal  



3. There needs to be a more convenient method for players to report griefing in dungeons/instances, or there needs to be an implementation of a tool to enable removal of said griefers.


Ultimately most of the griefing tends to be those jackasses that join dungeons and AFK at the start so that they can reap the benefits of quest rewards without doing anything. I understand the potential for abuse and have seen many suggestions and arguments on the topic so I'll just try to communicate here what I think could be done:


Implementation of an ingame AFK status indicator on the party UI and above the name of a player's avatar that would say "(Away)" if it detected no movement/activity for a certain amount of time. Let's say 5 minutes as a hypothetical example. If a person has the away status then they're elligible to be vote-kicked out of a party just like when offline.


While it's obviously still prone to potential abuse such as somebody saying "hang on guys I need to brb for an emergency I will brb as soon as possible!" and still getting booted, I feel that this would happen far too infrequently to not outweigh the huge QoL improvement for the whole community here that has to deal with the frustration of being griefed with leechers on a consistent basis.



4. We need to add a decay system for arena PvP rankings in addition to addressing the problem of ladders being totally hogged by a single player on a ton of alts.


I have seen this talked about in another thread by an EU player recently but hopefully they won't mind if I repeat their suggestion!

  • Add an account restriction of 1 class per ladder section (for example, if someone has two blade masters they would only be able to rank and receive rewards with whichever one has the highest rating). It would still be possible to have a character receive top season rewards from every category as long as they are of a different class.  
  • Require the same participation activity for everything as with clan 6v6 to receive weekly rewards. While this would negatively affect a lot of people including myself easy free stuff, I think it is a necessary change to the currently awful elo systems that we have ingame where people basically just get ranked and sit on that until the season is nearing its end. Elo systems *need* higher populations in order to function properly, and having a single participation requirement (note: *not* a requirement of winning a game, just doing one) of doing a match/run would be a great way to give people an incentive to play a bit more.  
  • Add a decay system to rating. This is a very controversial one and I'm indecisive of how long it should be until the decay should begin. While I'd personally be fine with 2 weeks or longer for the decay to start it seems to make more sense to align it with the weekly rewards and the suggestion I made in the above bullet point. Regardless, I feel it would be appropriate to give people an incentive to not farm their platinum ranks in arena/gold in whirlwind/beluga and sit on that for the season.  



5. There needs to be adjustments made to 6v6 to encourage people to still participate even if there's literally no chance of winning.


Currently there is a huge issue with 6v6 and that mainly stems from the fact that it uses an elo system but our population isn't really high enough to make it function properly, as mentioned already. While I strongly believe that my suggestions in the above section would do a great job at improving this issue, I've thought of another idea that would be in my opinion much better for the gamemode than what we have currently: 


Change the weekly quest for winning in 3 games to be instead of just *existing* in a game from start to finish where your team won to being based off of how much you actually did. This could be based off of the following for example:

  • How many kills you've acquired total  
  • Killstreaks  
  • Total numbers of points captured  
  • Capture streaks (would reset on death)  


And now for another 6v6 QoL suggestion that I've thought about derived from a game that I used to play called Guild Wars 2. On that game when you wanted to teleport somewhere there would be an icon that would indicate the location is contested. This would change the minimap icon and prevent you from teleporting to it. To better illustrate what I'm trying to get at here, I think that when the game detects combat happening at a brazier's location then it should change the map icon. This would make it more convenient to pay attention to what's happening in the game for people to better assist one another and I can't really think of a downside to it, especially considering we have no ingame implementation of a voice chat so it's very difficult to type while fighting.





6. We need the game to do a better job at teaching new players some important aspects to gearing their characters.


This number could be a whole different topic itself with endless possibilities for discussion but I will concentrate on soul shields as I believe it needs the most attention. Currently the game does a very poor job at stressing the importance of fusing soul shields along with how to fuse them to begin with, which is something that I posted on a thread about 3 months ago. The two most important things that I think need to be done addressing soul shields and new players:

  • Add a loading screen message that says something like "remember to fuse your soul shields for large attribute gains!" and shows a diagram of it.  
  • Give some very basic/mediocre primer bases along with some fusion powder and the ancestral set that would give players the opportunity of learning how to do it. Incorporate it into either the yellow quests or add a purple quest or *something* to teach this. I won't let myself get off on a tangent here so please click on my archived thread for months ago if you wish to read more on soul shields and my opinions of them and whatnot.  




7. NCWest needs to actually pay attention to their hongmoon store way better than they currently do.


It has items still on there that have no relevance to the game whatsoever and are rendered useless or obsolete, yet they are still being sold with the misleading text "Hot!" next to the discount text, which is quite frankly dumb as hell. 


Moonwater keys should first of all be freebies on the dragon express if you're going to make viridian and cinderland ones free, but even if they absolutely must be sold on the cash shop, how the hell does $5 seem like an appropriate price for a key to open a weapon box of something that's going to be obsolete in a few hours while you're leveling? Is this forreal? There is no excuse to leave this as an optional purchase with misleading text and it would be unethical to even accept money from unsuspecting newbies who have the naivety to buy them.




8. We need better incentives to be doing hard mode dungeons.


We have the issue of many hard mode dungeons offering too little of returns for the excruciatingly larger amount of effort required in order to do them. Harder content should always feel rewarding to complete.


An example of a dungeon that I feel has good or decent returns for doing hard mode is ebondrake lair. You have better chances of getting dark vicar boxes (as far as I'm aware?) along with the chance of obtaining an item exclusive to hard mode that gives you a title and a neat dance emote. All hard mode dungeons should be like this, where there are items that you need to specifically farm hard mode for in order to get.


Some suggestions:  

  • Increase the amount of guaranteed dungeon tokens from 2x to 3x in hard mode dungeons along with the crit from 20x to 30x.    
  • Just like ebondrake lair, I feel we should have a consumable for every hard mode dungeon that gives a new title and emote. I thought that idea of theirs was really neat so I'd like to see it used more.  
  • This one I'm unsure of myself, but perhaps it would be nice to make the dynamic quest rewards from hard mode dungeons give slightly more resources such as moonstone or elysian crystal(s), or perhaps a flat coin value ranging from 50s-1g each?  




9. We really should have a functioning game wiki along with an ingame command /wiki (insert search here) that would automatically open up the page for whatever you want to look up to find information on.


Obviously this is something that would require a large project for NCSoft but the technology for this exists in other games and it would be *so* helpful for the entire community to look up information about the game and I can't make a wish list of things I'd like for this game without including it.




10. The pet system is currently in a very pitiful state and needs adjustments ASAP.


Right now upgrading pets is most atrocious piece of garbage of an implementation imaginable and is almost impossible for new players to catch up with if they aren't planning on investing hundreds to thousands of dollars. It costs around 3000 gold alone to get up to a stage 10 pet and then another 17,000 gold to get up to an awakened ultimate stage 1, which isn't even the highest stage. 


Considering how absurd the prices of pet pods are and how awful the scaling is as you upgrade for how many you need in addition to the essentially cash shop exclusive way of them coming into circulation, this is some serious bullshit. There have been tons of topics made on this and I don't think I need to reiterate much of what needs to be done here because quite frankly, nearly anything would be better than what we have right now (I hope I don't regret saying that LOL) but what I will say...


I really like what they ended up doing to the sacred oil/soul upgrading system. I feel that the originally intended idea of souls being a long-term upgrade that you'd otherwise have to pay an obscene amount of money to bypass is well-in-place now as we've been getting event after event that enables us to acquire them slowly but steadily. If something like this could be done with pet pods as well, it would solve a lot of problems with pet upgrades!




11. Premium membership needs to have better value for the cost of it.


Lately there has been a lot of controversy of removing some of the discounted purchases from the premium tabs on the dragon express and while I'm personally fine with them doing that with items like MSP soul shields/hongmoon skills, I only think those should be equalised for f2p/p2p because I feel that those items in particular *should* be extremely accessible. That does not give an excuse to remove a feature of premium membership without compensating for it.


Some suggestions on what I think NCWest should do:  

  • Add an account-wide storage for gems. There are many possibilities here, so I will leave this bulletpoint vague for the time being.  
  • Improve the UI for soul shield switching with all of those unused icons and make it function as a storage for soul shields. This would make so many people, including myself, really happy.  
  • Add an additional bank tab only available for premium members. If premium membership expired for someone they would be able to withdraw from it but not deposit again until repurchasing premium, similarly to the wardrobe.  
  • Increasing the daily cap based off of your premium level would be a pretty sweet bonus for those that have a lot of time to play.  
  • I haven't put a ton of thought into this one so it may be controversial, but perhaps increasing the daily cap on hongmoon purchases for premium members would be a nice bonus? For example, from 20 to 30 trove keys during a treasure trove event.  
  • Having a reduced cooldown on being able to use escape from the default 15 minutes would be *so* nice.  
  • I know that most people probably wait for the troves/events to get their legendary elements and jewels, but it would be nice to have a discount on the dragon express for purchasing them as a premium member.  


And that is all that I have to suggest right now. While I don't have expectations of my ideas and suggestions coming to fruition, it felt really good to at least get them posted for people to think about and maybe discuss. Hell, it would even be nice to know that someone liked one of or some of my ideas enough to post/suggest themselves later on.


Thanks for reading my super long thread!

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1-tons of players already make a post about it and still nothing change...yeah those items already old...more funny is that flower of lament mail fees price and sealed flower of lament price at f5 almost the same...


2-im so agree with this...they need to reduce the key that needed to open the ss or change the material that needed to change for key at npc...moonstone is expensive right now...4g+ ea..and we need a lots of it to open the ss box kinda too much plus the stats is random...


3-still waiting feedback from bns side...how long they gonna make us player to endure those afkers players attitude...sometimes some of them going too far...by trash talking and insult others players that make an effort to clear the dungeon...



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I don't yet know much about the PVP aspects of this game but many of these suggestions (Especially the soul shield key system and the pets as well as the Moonwater key - holy crap 5$ for a pretty much arbitrary and useless key) are all really good ones. What I like best about this post, however, is that it doesn't try to be all GIVE FREE STUFF GAIZ, it gives legitimate suggestions and ones that should likely be listened to. I haven't been playing properly for long (a few times on and off over the last year or however long, maybe a bit longer) but I'm pretty in love with the combat system and would love to see this game actually pick up and go far. Inb4 all the haters saying the game will be dead in a year or so and servers shut down, yeah yeah, I see it all day in Faction chat.

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1. I don't play alts, but yeah, current mailing fees are stupid and don't represent the state of the game at the moment.


2. Not sure if I'd agree. The fact MSP is so accessible to get justifies their higher costs. It's like, yeah they're easier to get than BT / VT shields, but at the cost of having a price attached to them. Maybe in the future, once BT / VT shields become easier and easier to get for people, they could think about reducing the cost for MSP shields. As of now, MSP is still the best for people who have no access to raiding, so I don't think they should be too cheap to obtain at this moment.


3. This is very... difficult for multiple reasons and could easily backfire if implemented poorly. However, I do agree that there should be an easier way of reporting players than sending in tickets with screenshots or videos.  And I could see a system that auto-kicks, or allowed a vote-kick, after several minutes of no player movement input working, but it should come with a warning first, so it won't kick people who, like, stand still to explain mechanics or whatever to newcomers (yeah right).


4-5. I don't PvP...


6. Yes. There needs to be. Anything to help new players get started with things is good.


7. Yes, this needs an overhaul and be updated to current game standards, and be done so at a regular basis.


8. The only thing I fear with making Hard Mode too profitable is that it'll make a large portion of the playerbase move on to HM, while the newer players will have trouble finding people to play with in NM. As long as it's done carefully, it should work though. A slight increase in rewards would do.


9. Lol, I only just noticed they removed the Game Guide feature from the game, which never worked in the first place. Yes, there needs to be a place to look up and read about stuff in more detail. Anything would do, as long as it gets updated frequently so it stays relevant.


10. Not sure what they were thinking with the pet system... It feels like there's nothing to do with pets, other than to sink immense amounts of gold into upgrading them. There need to be more ways of working towards upgrading the pet over the time, similar to how it's done with obtaining Sacred Oils from events and stuff for the Soul upgrade.


11. Yes. Membership needs to offer more incentives. Any extra quality of life additions would do. They don't have to be huge advantages, just nice extras to make things more convenient for those willing to pay for it. At the same time, they really should make the wardrobe available for free to play players.

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@Purple Miku I logged in just to upvote this. these are all fantastic suggestions and I personally think that all of these would go a long way to make this game better and more fun. I would also add that clan 6v6 requires a complete overhaul from its current state, which is rife with abuse and basically viewed as a complete joke by those who abuse it, clan names like "matchmakingbyncsoft" show just how pathetic the current system is and how desperately in need of a rework it is. Clan 6v6 is currently abused by top clans with max gear players as a way to farm huge amounts of BP in a short space of time instead of its intended purpose, which is to help the smaller clans to grow stronger with access to things such as the peach bonus in CB

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I also had to log to vote this, I agree on every single point and props to you sir, excellent post. Especially about premium, my premium runs out in a week or so and I'm seriously thinking of canceling it, even though it's been activated almost 2 years now without break.

I'm not spending another 30€ for 3 months, for what I'm getting from it now.

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@Purple Miku This post is amazing. Thank you for writing something that I can actually agree with.
@Milennin I thank you too for speaking up about the Wardrobe problem F2P players have. I collect as many outfits as I can (like having LOTS of choices when it comes to style) and it really sucks to have to cram my inventory or storage space completely with outfits.

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Thanks for the feedback and support everybody!




Raven soul shields have been a lot easier to obtain lately with feathers being handed out so casually from a lot of sources and with BT being way easier to complete and find groups for. There is currently a really awkward situation right now for newer players where they have to waste all of their resources on soul shields that shouldn't really be requiring them to get in the first place. If other sets had a key system as well it would make sense but it's just bizarre for this particular soul shield set to be the only one in the whole game that requires you to waste moontones and sacred crystals to open when it isn't even close to the best option.


As for your last statement on the wardrobe... ehhh see it kind of falls into the category of what I said in my last point, that premium membership needs to have benefits that give people a reason to pay for it. I would only be fine with them removing this feature from premium-only restrictions if they compensated for it.

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The only issue I have is #5
I'm a frost wl so i attack slowly but heavily, so a lot of fms on my team just follow me and steal any kills i work hella hard for.
Other classes are relatively weak, and how can you expect a poor little seraph or baleful newbie to kill a raven or, worse, aransu/ascendent?

The largest issue with 6v6 is the class and gear imbalance, as well as the "30 point deduction" which hurts lower players more so than it does the people that got deducted.

Another thing I think worth mentioning is CLAN 6v6. Something needs to be done about all these alt clans. It's lowering the rank of all other clans significantly while keeping their main clan high up on the list.
For example, White Album often creates alt clans like Whale Album and throw someone like Lyndini in there, and some other strong peeps, creating a rage inducing 6v6 in which its a guaranteed loss for lesser clans that NEED the bonus.

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12.) Stop breaking it off in your customers raw with the RNG. Every single time over the past few months that I've thought of coming back to this game I look on the forums and see some new post about how players dropped hundreds of dollars and got nothing for it. I feel sorry for those who have no impulse control when it comes to their money, but it's worse still that NCSoft preys on them so heavily. I will never, never support this game in its current state with that going on.

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I have few ideas too:

add option to expand using gold instead dragon trade pouches:


first row (3pouches from quest)
second 8 pouches or 10silver
third row 15 pouches or 1gold

fourth row 23 pouches or 10gold

fifth row 35 pouches or 50 gold

sixth row 50 pouches or  200 gold

bank main tab

first row 10copper
second row 1 silver
third row 10 silver
fourth row 1 gold or 8 pouches
fifth row 10 gold or 15 pouches
sixth row 50 gold or 45 pouches (instead of unlocking each slot  it would unlock whole row 
(if I'm correct few more rows are left unused so they would look like this (I think its 4 rows)
extra 1 row 75 gold or 55 pouches
extra 2 row 100 gold or 70 pouches
extra 3 row 150 gold or 85 pouches
extra 4 row 200 gold or 100 pouches

secondary tab


first row 10copper
second row 1 silver
third row 10 silver
4th row  1 gold or 1 dragon trade pouch 

5th row 5 gold or 2 dragon trade pouch
6th row  10 gold or 3 dragon trade pouch
7th row 15 gold or 4 dragon trade pouch
8th row 20gold or 5 dragon trade pouch

(BTW..AION...other game by same NCSoft has choice to expand inventory by using cash shop items or gold, that's why I think it could work here too)
Ability to instantly exchange gold for hongmoon coins. Without waiting for 24 hours and possibly failing to sell gold

those things I wish to see as changes for premium:

account wide wardrobe instead normal one. (Free players could access single player wardrobe)

Using marketplace in crossrealm server

Increased drop rate for everything for stage 6+ premium

stage 6 drop rate +1%
stage7 drop rate +2%
stage 8 drop rate +3%

stage 9 drop rate +5%
stage 10 drop rate +7.5%

Ability to salvage all outfits. I really don't need x5 tyrian cultist uniform or something like that...
No MSP keys...those suck. For free players reduce amount of keys needed to unlock chest and materials needed to buy a key. what about 1 sacred orb and 2x soulstones
4 daily dash spins for premium and 2 for free
4 slots of treasure trove for premium and 2 for free players. 

Reduced price for legendary elements in dragon express. lets say 10each for premium . 20 gold for free players
Increased venture token drop rate for premium players.

I think tahst everything I wanted to say :)


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All-in-all IMO  (HELLO? I M O)   I believe you are lazy and just want everything handed to you by eroding the effort needed even more.

----------------------------------(tl;dnr peeps can stop here)------------------------------



Every time someone mentions something along the lines of "Oh woe is me!  That pet shouldn't cost  umpteen thousand gold, it should be completely levelled (cuz story or any other lame excuse you care to use) for free for meeeeee waaqaaa"

I think to myself

a) this game isn't for lazy whiners and

b) they give you stage 5 in the f10 shop stupid cheap.  srsly how much worse do you want them to give that away?


***EDIT: wait, they give u stage 5 soul in f10 shop, but my point remains the same


3) WTH?  What does the "value" of anything endgame have if they hand everything to whiney lowbies for free and zero effort.

they are giving away more of the farm every time we turn around.


->Take a look at gems. those are stupid ez2 get now. 




this whole diatribe has little functional change recommendations and almost entirely "I want this cheap or free" "I don't want to have to do this work to get this"


and another example of them giving everything away stupid easy:


Your topic #2.    I just farmed 50 ish moonstone crystals and a boatload of sac's on the Peachment farm (Blue Cheer joke, IK, who's blue cheer, nm ..) in a couple of concentrated peach days.


I have actually been working on my shields.  I did the trove finally for the 1st time after playing 14 months and I noticed they were throwing lots of longgui shields, so I went with that for a starter.  I also had 80ish flowers from daily dash starting in august 2016 which I did every single day I could. so I was set.

But after the trove honeymoon, then I had to start using farmed stuff or bought stuff.  and sac's and moonstones for keys, but not no mo' homeboy.

i'm farming up all that crap in quantity now (ya flowers too) and this results in the following:


 NOW..i am very happy that AGAIN,  I can afford to burn longgui shields to change stats.

I have one or 2 low ones I want to change stats on from acc to crit, so I still save flowers for more low number shields (thankfully 6,7 and 8 are all set up <-THOSE r expensive to feed more to).   Then once I actually get the either one or 2 low ones that need acc replaced by crit, i'll have to feed those and then primer them after RNGeesus gives me the stat combo i'm looking for.   except this week, after that patch it is "GAME ON!" again for finishing my shields


this game is throwing all those minor mats at us. 

My best advise is more pew pew and less clickety-click

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the mailing fees for leg gem hammers and taikhan skins are really no big deal because, really, how many times would you have to do this?


also, if you can notice a pattern, those hammers and skins are quickly becoming non-factors . you only need those skins for 2-3 stages  of baleful/seraph than never again

any newbie that doesn't reroll a 6 socket at the start of baleful/seraph is screwing up. this frees you of all gem hammers.  I have like 10 that have zero use. they show up free along the way. 


also, no matter how cheap the baleful path has been made, when they dumb down the raven path some day someone like you  will be the first in line crying that they spent soooo much on their raven and now everyone new just gets it so cheap


while out the other side of their mouth they are crying that aransu is sooo expensive, cut all prices by 90% qq, etc, ad nauseum...


quite the paradox.


edit:  re: RNG    the people who get screwed post in forums. the other people who got it in the first few rolls, quietly and happily go on their merry way, thus skewing what we see in the forums. mostly bad stuff, not so much the 99 wins that happened for every one fail that shows up here






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hm i dont know about all the "free stuff". when i got my full msp i had that feeling you know, that i worked for it. if you want something in the game, like soul, weapon, ss, you gotta focus on that only, you cant get all at once. recently its been really great for newbies, soul blitz event, nebula stone event, etc, now soulshields are kinda free, and the gem stuff, i got all the hexa-ones in 2days.

i dont do 6v6 though so i cant weigh in on that, but overall you have a point in some aspects. 

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Its so sad to see such an excellent, constructive post bombed by delusional white-knighting trolls who have nothing better to do than criticise and attack people for making suggestions, this is half the reason that things dont get better, because every thread that starts out with a really positive message is torn to pieces by the forum trolls (who half the time, probs dont even play the game seriously). It would be great to see the forum moderators removing these instigators instead of allowing them to destroy positive threads before closing those threads

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On 10/22/2017 at 2:27 AM, GonnaNeedaMontage said:

Its so sad to see such an excellent, constructive post bombed by delusional white-knighting trolls who have nothing better to do than criticise and attack people for making suggestions, this is half the reason that things dont get better, because every thread that starts out with a really positive message is torn to pieces by the forum trolls (who half the time, probs dont even play the game seriously). It would be great to see the forum moderators removing these instigators instead of allowing them to destroy positive threads before closing those threads

that's your opinion. mine is these things are either so well worn and addressed issues that have no easy fix, like the pvp stuff, or flat out jockeying to get stuff easier and cheaper


it was a beautiful message, I applaud the effort

however the content is hackneyed, trite and for the most part not-gonna-happen

and the rest is old info that isn't even relevant any longer


keep it real, and if you do, and really think about this stuff..you will see


edit: and who exactly appointed you the judge jury and executioner of who is 
"An instigator that needs to be removed by the moderators"


listen, this is subjective land.  my post is more valid than yours. I present ideas and arguments to support my claims.


let's examine your post: looks like nothing but negativity and the desire to ban someone for having a different opinion than yours. you are mounting a personal attack.   completely devoid of value.

dear mgmt., would you give this guy a warning for calling personal names in a thread that I give my honest feelings in. I didn't call names if you notice. 

improper debate practice.    Now what do you have to say, oh user of kneejerk boilerplate yada-style responses??????

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everybody around here knows I am old school: you work for your stuff. you pay your way and if you screw up, you better learn from it.

I walk the walk. I could ask for 2 pristine oil mats back cuz I was a retard and missed a tab I needed to click but I won't do it.(changed weap from baleful to seraph and back again then sat there going derp derp wtf nothing happened )

I was a retard, I deserve to lose my 600gold as a lesson that will stick.


and human nature, especially from children who only know "mom's dole" is to try and eliminate work and effort whenever possible.


and that is what will destroy a game if the devs cave in to that.


i'm trying to save this game like everyone else, and these are my thoughts toward that end.

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+1 to everything u said. 


I even wanna add the cost of mailing a costume (that u bought for 20€) to an alt will cost u around 9/12 stamps, which is 171/228 NCoin, thats around 2€ to send an outfit that u BOUGHT to another character on your account.

Wardrobe should be account wide, there is no point in collecting outfits on different characters...

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Nice post and really good suggestions... I will add one more: HM skills... are super hard to get and now with the change to the premium membership, you need to get them from PvP arena (you need to be gold for some skills), do 6v6 which i dont recommend if u arent well geared or u need to spend hundreds/thousands of gold to get the hm skills that you need... if im a lvl 50 hm 7-8 with around 800 ap (standar player nowadays) you need to spend like 1 month to get the gold or doing pvp arena (i dont consider doing battleground with a brand new char) to get the core skills for your class... and at this point u want to be focusing on gearing your character (get your weapon/soul shields/legendary accesories high enough to do bt)... In my opinion they should rework the hm skills, like make them more accesible (higher droprate i mean i havent seen an asura ember yet and ive playing since the game launched) or simply remove them... i mean in another mmos once u got to level max u dont need to unblock more skills... and there are some classes/builds that cant be played without hm skills like soul fighter, shadow sin, warlock...

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I was going to reply to CharlieIsBoss until I realised they were just trolling. Almost fell for the bait lmao.


Deathrainer, I honestly think the concept of HM skills is cool but implemented horribly. It shouldn't be something you purchase, it should be something you earn from unlocking. They should be 100% based off of things you've done ingame via achievements/unlocks.


So ultimately I partially agree and disagree.


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