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Is 6V6 Pay 2 Win ?

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Also slightly confused lol, season just reset hence the rank and they got carried by whales? You may have survivability with those stats and assuming people are hitting into your i-frames constantly feeding you agility stacks...slightly...but there is almost no killing power unless you are just grappling people so the whales can kill em.

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Yeah i wouldn't want to brag when you were the 5th KFM to do 6 v 6 after reset, i bet if you showed a current one you wouldn't be on the top 50 pages. 

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Kanojo ...;Believe me . Just change the ? for a ! in your title !


Lets see :

Gems only cash item . Boxes triangular or retangular are useless -can´t be combined.

Legendary accessory : upgrade only buying stones for 20G each ( dont drop) and u need a loot of then to each accessory  .

Weapon : Well if u are in a strong guild there is a chance to u upgrade . If not > Cash itens ! 

Soul : Complete Joke . U need 80 pieces at 240G each! A lot of cash 

Pet : Players already grind 2 times to max and they change again and now a Lot of Stones at 90each . Cash too .

Hongmoon Skill´s - Cash . in PvP you will take almost one years to grind all materials ( trade points ), that is the reason to pack in HM Store .

Legendary badge - time to collect itens and strong guild too .


Now, one ppl with this itens , and Beluga Set ( Shield ) . Will Smash ( obliterate ) any opponent in seconds , Not only 6x6 in all PvP areas . They are called "Whale" ingame .

Good Luck



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