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New Soul Fighter

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You should save your money to buy hongmoon skills.. especially right punch hm skill. Thats the main one.. Other than that, i dont see anything specific for soul fighter you could buy.. You could get the blue moon soul badge.. (If you are FROST, of course.. i dont know about EARTH) but you can farm for it now on dailes..

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The best value for your NCoin is definitely the duelists bundle so you can buy your HM skills. This is a pretty good list of which ones you need to get.  https://www.bns.academy/english/hongmoon-abilities/ Though I'd reverse the order of the first two and the Royal Zen Bean is only really important for PVP. The first two are by far the most important and the only ones I'd recommend getting right away. I'd suggest saving the rest for HM skills on your main (you can mail the items to your main after you buy them, or vice versa). If you've got enough NCoin left over after you get the HM skills the master bundle is pretty decent since it'll let you buy almost your full MSP set right out the gate and your mystic badge (Pulse for Frost, Skyrift for Earth) once you farm up the peaches in celestial basin. The gems used to be better before you could buy hexa gems with daily currency, but it's still decent since it'll let you focus on using that for your soul badge (blue moon for frost, primal force for earth), which should be your absolute top priority.

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