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Returning Warlock

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So after a lot of thinking, I've finally decided to go back to my old warlock main, and I have some questions. I relearned my new rotation (playing shadow, god I missed this :D), and was wondering about the hongmoon skills.  I have a bunch of materials I can exchange for the skill books, and wondered which ones I should buy, as I also noticed the absence of the dragoncall scroll (I think that was its name). Furthermore, I noticed something strange when checking my old Ivorymoon Razor (max level), as for some reason, the game tries to make me salvage it for another Ivorymoon razor and an Unrefined Scaleburn Razor. What are these things? do I need to do this? I have almost all of the materials to upgrade the Razor to the next weapon... should I do this?


Thanks in advance

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As a Warlock, definitely Seraph for the Leech cooldown reduction (30% at cap) for both Ice and Shadow. Upgrade to Stage 12 -> Riftwalk 6 -> Raven 6. Leech will allow you to spam RMB 4 if you have the required badges for it, a sort of mini soulburn for yourself (forgot names of badges).

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In case you're still looking.
Seraph -> rift -> raven

Shadow - primal force sb, fuse with magnum or transcendence in the future.

HM skills - HM pellet (LMB), chilling flame elixir (RMB), Volume 4 (the new name for dcall volume 2. can no longer be purchased at cold storage), volume 1 (double aerial)

Pellet and Volume 1 are preferable but not needed, only Chilling Flame and Volume 4 are necessary

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