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Blade and soul or Dead Soul ?


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When are you guys from NC going to fix this game bugs ? All the time people are playing with 150-200 and randomly 400+ ping, all the time i get the message "Can not be used under current conditions" on half of my skills, all of the time people are abusing bugs in the ground counter game (mostly sins and destros), when are you going to fix the balance in this game also, there are few classes that can afford to make as many mistakes as they want and still win the match, and on the other hand there classes that can not afford to make even 1 mistake because in that case they are dead for sure, so where is the balance you claim you have made ???? When are you going to listen to the people in this community ??????? I got like 10 posts already (there are people with even more) AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN ANSWER FROM YOUR TEAM, are you even watching this or you are only just staying behind your pc-s watching movies ?? We all understand that it is not easy to manage such a huge game, but COME ON, its not enough to only bring new futures but also to fix the old once you know ????

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