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fallen aransu school...

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If you go there as a full group without any prior knowledge of the fight (i.e. without reading any guide), then it'll take a few wipes to get it right.

Really, in the end, all we did was alternate between stun and KD whenever the CC bar was up and we got it on our third try due to a lot of confusion between stun and KD (and the occassional Daze... lol). If we had looked at any guide, we probably wouldn't have wiped in the first place, but where's the fun in that? :P

As long as your group reacts quickly and properly (e.g. no stun when it's time to KD), then it shouldn't be a problem. Essentially, it doesn't seem any harder than DKV: At least, even while tanking, it didn't feel like I was receiving too much damage, but here again, as a well geared Destroyer, I can facetank a lot of bosses....

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