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Question about the Hongmoon store outfits


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I'm pretty new to the game so I'm still getting a hang of things lmao excuse me if I sound dumb asking. 

I was looking to buy two things from the store but it seems they cannot be found. 

The items were Pure White and Frisky Feline headband, I just saw Pure white in the store a few days ago. 

Were they removed or is this a glitch? And if they're removed, will they be back?


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The outfits rotate it seems, Pure White and Frisky Feline headband may be back but who can say when?...Or how? I wanted the outfit (Yellow Dahlia) but missed out when it was for sale in the store. It was out of the store with no way to get it for a good while. Now it's back as part of the Rosethorn Chest update. So much like myself i guess you'll have to wait until. Pure White and the Frisky Feline headband. comes back in some way. Sorry..i know all to well how much it sucks to see a cool outfit but can't get it.   

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