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I'm probably asking a question that I'll regret...

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Today I was in a 6-player dungeon, and while we were killing the last boss, I noticed a red "x" above the head of my character, which didn't go away after the boss was dead.  Why was that there?  Was it put there by other players or something?  Was I not doing something right, and I was "marked" for it?  Please, someone, explain...

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8 hours ago, amokk said:

Party leaders can put different markers on party members. No worries there.

I think that I was the only one "marked," so why would that happen with me in particular, what would that purpose be, and why would I be able to see it?  Also, a red "x" seems to me to be something negative.  Seemed to me like I was adding to the damage count, and the monster was even targetting me quite often (a force master).  What reason could this be other than to mark me for something I either was or wasn't doing?  I don't get it.

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Anyone in a party can put a marker, not just the party leader.


In the OP's case, most likely someone else in the party just didn't like something about you. Maybe it was how you were playing, maybe it was your character's outfit or face. Some ppl use markers as private jokes or a passive-aggressive way to troll.


*My advice is to not worry about it. If whoever put it up didn't say anything, it's not your responsibility to figure it out.*


But I will say one thing. Without a video of your run or boss fight, it's impossible to know if it was because of how you were playing. But as you said you are a FM and aggro was switching a lot, I will just mention that some players who want to tank (e.g., some Blade Masters) get annoyed by ranged players causing boss aggro to switch a lot. A good tank controls boss placement. Random aggro switching messes that up. If the boss keep changing angle of attacks or charges across the room, it messes up other players' expectations. If you kite (make the boss chase you around) to avoid the boss hits, you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off melee players who have to chase and sometimes waste skills and buffs and they can't keep continual DPS (some melee classes stay in DPS stance by landing hits).


FMs can easily take aggro. There are things you can do to reduce this (don't heavy attack right away, let a tank establish hate; back off if you get hate and don't want it, allow yourself to get cc'ed which usually allows hate switch, etc). If you find yourself getting aggro and can't get rid of it, learn to avoid or gear up to take the hits so you can keep the boss in place. It's good for FMs to learn how to party tank which is totally different from solo tank but if you aren't there yet, maybe you triggered someone who couldn't just chill. (IMO people just need to chill, most dungeons and bosses are easy enough there's no need to freak out about aggro switch or "proper" tanking)


I'm not accusing you of doing these things or even not of knowing them. I'm also not defending the jerk who put the mark.

Just based on what you said in your last post here, I thought it might be useful to reply with some FM advice just in case. 

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