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Frost or Flame?

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A year ago i stopped playing, at the time when BnS launched Ebondrake Citadel and Desolate Tomb. I have been playing my FM for 2 weeks now, thinking the flame build is still the better version. Because when i quit, the "ice rain" skill which is called "glacial beam" now, wasnt such a strong build. I've been testing my dps in F12, and i really dont know what to think anymore, glacial beam has become really strong to. I've been using frost build mainly for farming peaches, cause of the aoe, but still switch to Flame if i'm in a group.


I see alot of FM's in dungeons going for the Frost build, is it really worth it? I guess Flame build is still the strongest with the flame legendary trinkets? Are they both equally strong, and is it a matter of preference?

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15 hours ago, KurooSakura said:

No. Frost build is stupid. 

Don't Misinform people, please.



Frost build is just as strong as fire build right now, there are numerous DPS tests to prove it. There are downsides to it, however, some of those are the difficulty of playing it in a party, its alot more difficult to keep up with all of your buffs while at the same time memorizing the boss's patterns and having a constant awareness of it's position etc, meanwhile in fire build you just simply do your rotation and nothing could go wrong. all around its just more difficult to play, takes getting used to.


Another downside is that it is much worse in places like Tower of infinity.


In 6v6 though, frost build is considered better than fire build.

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I prefer flame too because its much easier to keep burn up in the boss than manage cold snap especially if the boss keeps running around the dungeon... unless im wrong and cold snap doesnt have to be under the boss for ice rain to be effective.  Hehehe sorry noob returnee here. ?

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