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Fallen Aransu School


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So with it coming out on October 18, I thought I'd gather some information (which I was lazy to do so I just watched one video and noted a few things). I'd like to post it here so anything I missed or was wrong about could be corrected as well as shared as a guide of sorts because the first few weeks with randoms might not go too well. So, without further delay:

Gate Keeper (Warlock): 24 man KR HP - 28,800,000
12 man would make it 14,400,000 HP
Was never CC'able during the fight

Summons 2 thralls, boss invulnerable while they're alive
Rest really reminds me of simple F17 rotation

Great Thrall: 24 man KR HP - 371,900,000
8x CC Bars
12 man would make it 185,950,000 HP
(8x CC Bars according to stream)

Hellfire: 60 seconds, expire - death; activates at the start of battle and when leaving Soul Separation
Afterburn: 30 seconds, get moved to SS during it - death, turn around after KD to avoid moving (if party fails, else just stun during cooldown)
Soul Separation debuff: 90 seconds, -3800 every 2(?) seconds. Expires - death
"Punishment" bleed: 30 seconds, -5200 every 2(?) seconds. 3 stacks - death

Rotation includes:
"Punishment" AoE: Same as RK
Thrall TD animation (the only time you can CC him) - KD to move in/out of SS, Stun to just cancel. Failing to CC causes him to stack a "Punishment" bleed stack on everyone

Rest of rotation seems to only be simple attacks that non-tanks can step out of

Should also mention that while being Soul Separation reduces hp constantly, it increases your damage

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