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Moving + Attacking Lightning Sin


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Hi all,

I have been trying to make myself a better assassin as of late and started to notice a personal problem I am having.

Lighting Sin spams RMB+F +4 for most of its dmg

As I spam F I struggle to strafe to the point I usually become stationary. It seems I am spamming fast and holding still or moving and not attacking a whole lot.

Watching my hand as I jam the F key. I tend to pull it from WAD to more of ESF. Allowing me to more comfortably spam it for long play times.


I am just wondering what others do to make it easier to spam the F skill and move fluidly at the same time.


p.s. yes I know this is like gaming basics.. I would usually rebind to get my spammed attacks off the hand I use to move but I am finding that hard in this case.

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