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I truly believe that there are some parts of the game that were better when the game first was released! That being said, I am comprising a list, and by all means people feel free to add to the list


So far, I believe that the return of the weapon/accessory upgrade paths bellow lvl50 should be returned, even if at a somewhat reduced price since we still get crap weapons and accessories to drop on occasion from enemies which only serve to take up space in our inventory if we don't salvage or sell them. There are also tasks that actually give us items that serve to upgrade our gear, yet will go unused and collect dust until we hit 50!

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They won't.


The reason they were removed in the first place was to make it faster and easier for players to get caught up in gear.

You'd be surprised on how many people could not figure out how to upgrade anything or having terrible RNG and wasting time. Re-adding this path would just annoy anyone and everyone(especially alt makers) because then they'd have to waste time trying to find a party for a dead dungeon and run it x amount of times before their weapon drops.

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