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Wait for new gem system?

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Sooo, with radiant energies and mysterious crystals going away, should I hold off on any gem transmutations until after the change? There are hongmoon aquamarines in the shop right now. I was thinking of buying 3 and making a hexagonal one, but with the new system on the way, should I not bother and wait?



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I'd love to hear from someone who's used the announced upcoming gem system. I've got a bunch of radiant energies and I don't know if they are more useful to me now or wait until the new system arrives and convert the energies to fragments or whatever they get converted into. Stuff like this really makes me hesitant to spend money on this game. When the pet aura system was changed to pet pods, I felt the conversion for the pet enhancement stones was inadequate. Would've been nice to have had this information earlier rather than only a week in advance.



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