Question before I quit due to lack of balance and broken classes.

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On 10/18/2017 at 8:02 PM, shintouzii said:

this is the main thing to focus on "air combos". Pvp is broken because of this air combos , noone can tell me that there are balance between classes , kfms and sins are the hardest class to play and normally you expect a good reward when you expert this classes. But it should be like kfm stun lock or sin tech chase , you cant complain about it because it takes quite a lot time to master it and for them to make this they have to force you to use tab before but then there are classes like wl and gunner all they have to do is air combo and you lost your half hp when other classes have to work hard to do same thing. You can't take  "hobba" from wl , this will ruin this class but you can nerf air combo or put some delay between daze and air combo to give other classes chance to escape and you can add some other opportunities to fight back. 


I am not even talking about gunners , they shoul nerf gunner hard.

That what I'm telling, aircombo combos for summoner, wl and gunner are just pain like this classes already have a "Decent op" ranged damage that you hardly try to avoid them and run away from their damage in closed zone like arena while in 6v6 it not of problem since you can freely.

And worst part since they can "poke " damage you harshly without costing alot of focus like many "melee" classes do, once you get into aircombo you mostly will die or end with 30% hp left.


Like the ranged classes know to be "Squishy " and have harsh damage but adding to them a "CC" that you can't even escape that is just blah.


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I know the struggle. 

Though for most classes in arena, Ping is the biggest issue. 

This is apparent when you go Sin into Sin and you both Tab at the same time, 90% of the time I am the one that ends up getting hit and they are already behind me stabbing me before I get the animation update that i have been tabbed. 

This isn't FPS lag either, I get 90+ all the time it is latency lag. 

Actually why I switched to summoner, while Summoner still has lag issues to deal with. Because of the pet it isn't as debilitating to deal with since the pet is AI server side. 

You also have to understand that rather they want to admit it or not, this game is heavy on the rock, paper, scissors. 

Sin beats WL, FM, GS. 

Sin gets beat by KFM, BM, BD

Destro beats SMN, FM, WL

Destro gets beat by BM, BD, SF

So on and so forth. 

Though Destro is in a bad spot. 

I think the 2 classes that probably have the least counters and most utility is BD and BM. 

KFM can get really stupid in arena if people script. 

BD is the one trick pony, spin spin knock up repeat. 

BM has so many Iframes and stupid burst it is insane to fight against. 

Though FM has an easier time against them since they have a lot of AOE parry pierce abilities. 

They really do need to fix arena, but I would like to see Battlegrounds fixed first. Especially if they are going to keep it as a 3 win weekly considering the amount of whales in it.

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seriously, you still lose to wl after they got nerf in pvp?? maybe there is something wrong with your playstyle,

i suggest you to change class to summoner, they have everything stealth, heal, binding, double CC, tank, dps, pet


look at BD combo, when u get into air by BD, its will always lose 50% your hp, and even when you landed, u need to fast escape or u will get cc again and it will 100-0 for sure

every class combo deadly for sure

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