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Add an AFK report function

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Afkers spoil the fun of parties, leech people's efforts and gold share. Some of them are even shameless enough to bid the loot which they don't deserve.


Since we cannot vote-kick them, I think we should at least be able to report them quickly. For now, to report an afker, you have to submit a ticket, maybe with proof. 


I suggest to add a Report AFK function in the right-click menu. When used, the afker will be send a message to warn them (maybe with a whistle sound too) that they have 10s to do something breaking of their afk status (chat or move around). After the timer expires, they will be flagged as an afkers. Too many times and they are banned temporarily. Sure, they can just move every 10s to get over this, but they will have to constantly stay in front of the screen to react, thus defeat the purpose of afking in the first place.


This can only be used on party member (similar to vote-kick) who is currently inside a dungeon, so no harass people with slow loading screen in cross-server. Thus, you won't be able to mess with people in open-world with this.

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