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Farmable Legendary mystic badge please.

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the game becoming even more unbalanced for people that dont usually raid/are not able to squeeze them selfs into a decent group or just unlucky and dont drop the item they need. 

its not fair that such important and game changing item is blocked behind raid ONLY.


some people can get it in two weeks and some people could spend months on finding a group/clearing the raid and be lucky to get it.

please make this item farmable..


for example,50 hive queen feathers +elysians and such +3k gold.

or make pulse/skyrift upgradeable to legendary like soul badge.


its not like we have alternatives such as ring/necklace/weapon! 


pulse/skyrift are way to far behind to be considered as an alternative badge.

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This wont happen. I could just say the usual if u dont raid u dont need this bla bla bla and stuff but think about it why this wont happen ^^


Money, plain and simple.

If u wanna get the badge fast within a raidforce capable of running this dungeon already u need to Buy/cash ur stuff to be valuable within the raid in time/asap.  Or u will need alot gold to bye this from that raidforce.


So if NCSoft would reduce the effort to get this item, they would loose alot money.

Sry for you and alot other players out there prolly never get hands on that. But as a f2p raider who dont own the badge yet and wont own for a while, I still have to say, it shouldnt be available for more grind, cause this would kill the challange within raids and would also reduce the reward for players that realy earn that drops without beeing trove casher and such.


Edit: oh and u would strenghen the goldseller if u would make it available via some items + amount of gold.

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Grind gold, buy carry-run. You don't need to do anything except hugging the cold floor so you don't mess with mechanic. You don't even need to present at the PC for the raid, if you're daring enough to let someone use your account to raid.




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Not necessarily.

Your suggestion is calling for 50 Hive Queen Feathers.


You get 1 feather via daily challenge on Sundays only(50 weeks aka 11 months), chance for it to appear in F10(iirc), and it's on the current daily dash in a stack of 5. All methods do not point towards even touching the raid.

Even then there's Treasure Trove around the end of every season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) which can easily provide a easier way to obtain Hive Queen Feathers without touching the raid so that would basically hand people who cash an even easier badge without the need of finding a raid to leech off of.


For myself I already have 26 Hive Queen Feathers and I have not even completed the raid or finished the first boss even once.

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The REAL reason this won't be implemented any time soon is because it's the only real reward for raiding. Once that content becomes obsolete, i'm sure they'll ease down the dungeon or provide an alternative. Until then i HIGHLY suggest you stay away from open world PVP content because those badges are designed to one shot anything with a virtual pulse.

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