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too many bugs..system error.....

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I am starting this topic to report many bugs whic recently came to being after the gunner patch  was released.

1- there is a huge fps drop all of a sudden (perticularly in all range class meele class is doing fine idk why)  no matter where i am or wht i am doing( includes standing still).my fps drops from 50 to 10 and then the game crashes.i belive many players r reporting the same thing..

2- it is showing the runtime error all of a sudden which also started after the gunner release..

3-i cant get the verification mail when i am trying to long in through the client it is showing systen error 3200 something i hav to log in thru the website..


pls help me find the solution.i hav tried to repair the client but nothing happened..and pls answer bns....

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