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Game went bad for me

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I was playing my blade dancer and having a good time. I am still new to the game and finally got to level 48 only to run into an impossible gold quest. "The Bully" put on faction uniform and walk into someones camp and get GANKED by 200+ lvl 50 monsters in 1 shot. Things like that make me hate this game and will just remove my subscription. I was having fun until that point where I just get 1 shot by anything so sad cause i was having fun and paid for 3 months now just to see it all go to waste.

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The quest tells you to put on your Faction outfit and go to YOUR camp. Not the opposite faction's camp.

I'm not even sure if you read the quest correctly; even then wouldn't you think that there was something wrong if you had to go into the opposite camp?


There's even a yellow arrow pointing you into the area you have to go to.

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4 hours ago, Vampiregoat69 said:

I did put it on and nothing seemed to happen, I tried every outfit I had and still get attacked.

You put on the outfit you were given when you joined your faction at the beginning of the game. When you do that you look at your map for the gold quest line arrow. There should be a port spot that opened up when you put the faction uniform on. You port there and it puts you right in your own camp where you won't get attacked unless there are other players from the other side. 


I'm assuming you are trying to run through the camps which means you are crimson since the bully quest starts behind the CU camp. 

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