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Ideal Class for me

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I know they just released a new class and a lot are enjoying it but this is what my ideal would look like: 


Weapon: FAN

Class Type: SUPPORT: support specialists who steal their opponents’ strength and convert that raw energy into beneficial magic. These mages bolster their allies and unleash potent kinetic blasts, quickly turning the tide of battle. draw upon an enemy’s strength to empower their friends and unleash potent spells, helping their allies face down seemingly insurmountable odds. healing and boosting allies, draining and destroying enemies. They channel powerful auras that enhance whole groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal, and can summon their entire party from one location to another. Add extensive crowd control and the capability to resurrect fallen allies, and you can see why adventuring parties seek them out. They add to the longevity of any party, can seize an out-of-control situation and dominate it until their allies are on the offensive again, or simply unleash their own magical fury.


RACE: A LYN IS MUST they give this class and I am all in. ELEMENT: EARTH


(Archon Mage from Rift combined with Mystic from Tera)

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2 hours ago, noobhere said:

This game doesnt need super saiyan god lyn range classes, this game needs classes that are actually balanced

Balance in MMORPG? :3


The last two classes have no Lyn.


Time to make more rat players.

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Just no, BNS is not the game for classes that have specific roles and a class that can heal, buff, summon stuff and resurrect all in one sounds extremely unbalanced. Just another class that everyone will want in the group like warlock.

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The reason why I like this game so much is the fact that it doesn't have the typical roles that you see in most games, mostly all the classes can fulfill any role including heal themselves without relying on someone else to do it. Even though bm and kfm are considered the tanks since they are the only classes that can draw aggro besides summoner cat, really anyone can tank if you're out dpsing everyone else with neither of the two being in the group. The reason why I brought that up is because I feel like if they put in a class capable of doing all the things you stated then it would make this game no different from all the others, people would start relying on you to heal them and not even attempt to dodge attacks anymore, this class will become REQUIRED to have in parties because of both the heals and the buffs, and much more. So a class like that would not fit this games play style.

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i think ncsoft wont release more classes and if they decide to do it, it wont be for years... they announced that gunslinger is the last class... and i think that more classes are nonsense., cause it doesnt fit the lore of the eight masters... The thing to do (i think) is to make the same classes able to wield another weapon and element for example warlock can fullfil the fan class that it's mention here in this topic, i mean it cause zulia its a warlock and her weapon is a fan... but of course you'll need to chose between specs as the elements right now...

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