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Hi, I am somewhat a newbie to the game and have a question. I just found a progression guide (from momo and upomoew) that recommended you use the weapons you pick up in dungeons. They suggested using keys to get the plague weapon, blight weapon, infernal weapon etc. Is this still correct or should I just use the main story line weapons? 




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the whole low level progression has been streamlined and this is the best thing you can do:


1) Follow the yellow story quests exactly. This will give you every piece of gear you need to get through the entire storyline and you will be plenty powerful enough to do the quests.

You will end up at L50 and a few HMlevels up too.

you can pick up blue side quests or dailies along the way if you wish for extra XP.


2) when you get to level 50, somewhere along the storyline, you will get the pre-legendary weapon that you can change into either a baleful or seraph weapon and you will have lucent(I think) accessories when it is all over.


so you really would just want to look towards the level 50 legendary(orange) stuff regarding your first weapon/accessory evolution journey.

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As already mentioned, quest will give you all you need. If you want optional side upgrades, then the purple dungeons/world bosses are better alternatives. Purple weapon path would be Blight weapon -> Golden Diva -> Scorpion -> Infernal. If you can't get a party for the dungeons, then just stick with the Scorpion weapon until the story gives you something better. Make sure to buy the Viridian/Cinderlands key from the dragon express, that way you'll get your class weapon first try. You can try to get Moonwater world boss weapons, but you can't buy moonwater keys, so it's all up to luck.

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