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Red Rider Outfit Females Only...

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Ever since I saw the korean trailer of poharan's sister battling against the player (who wore the red rider outfit), I have been anxiously waiting to drop my $$$ on that outfit for at least 3 or more of my 8 characters.  Today, I find out that you guys have only made it for female only, and I have 0 female characters.  I am begging you to release the male version of it and let me drop my $$$ on that outfit several times.



a disappointed player


trailer:  outfit seen at 00:46 and 00:56




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I agree they should have a male version of this outfit as well. It'd be more understandable for a female only outfit if it was a super skimpy/lingerie kind or if it'd hard for them to make a male version of it. But even then there's male versions of outfits like rough customer..the female one looks NOTHING like the male one.

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