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Question about 1 item from F10

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3 hours ago, Pedalator said:

why you compare "class change voucher" to "max gear voucher"? i think that that item would be cool in F10. Of course with some limitations. Like obtainable only once per account and with price 1999 coins for example.

1999 coins and you want to switch classes? um...i think that'll be at least 19999 coins. 


Also, now you ask for 1 times transfer only per account. What will happen afterwards? people will ask for no limit of transfer per account. Also, I think this voucher is pointless because they will make everything account bound sooner or later.


If you can wait, they will slowly make more and more stuff to be account bound. So, in the end, you will only have to purchase the instant lv50 voucher and just mail everything to that new character.

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