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Raid-group lock or Raid-loot lock, which is better for a raid?

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I don't play a lot of MMOs long enough to get into raid, but from what I know and hear from other people, there are two types of raid lock:


-Raid-group lock, which is used in Blade & Soul, hardest-difficulty raids of WoW. You join a group, clear a boss, and get locked into that group for that week and cannot join any other group. Only fresh new raiders can join that group and get raid-locked into that group.


-Raid-loot lock, which is used in Lord of the Rings Online (the only MMO with raid that I used to play, sorry) and lower-difficulty raids of WoW. You clear a boss, but do not get raid-lock into that group. Instead, you can rerun the thing again and again with any group, but you are no longer able to get the loot, as the raid leader cannot give you the items from the list. It does not, however, stop you from get your gold split from a proper raid leader, or something that are tradable (like Sealed Raven's King Soul).


IMO, I think I prefer the latter, cuz you can run the raid again to help other members to get loot, and you can act as a mercenary raiders who join for gold share only, which can be given by the raid leaders after raid. 


What do you like more?

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