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Lets Talk Crafting

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Oky so a lot of new changes have come and the crafting system was a big one. I understand that this was a copy paste directly from KR but how many times do ppl have to complain before someone actually adjust changes to fit the region's market before releasing? Have u seen the prices for some of the crafting items?


Empyrean Spirt Stone

70 Normal Meatal

95 Special metal

50 Rare element

600 Soulstones

150 Moonstones

600 Scared Orbs

150 Eylsian Orbs

and 300 gold!


This is as bad if not worse then trying to upgrade a weapon. We do not get the same amount of gold as the KR version so why are we getting their prices? And please don't tell me because we are trying to be the same as KR, because if that was the case then when should have been given there same gold rate months ago. I honestly liked the mats used in the old crafting system because I didn't feel like I was pulling important mats from my precious stock pile for upgrading. Sure it took up inventory space that could have been solved with a new bank tab just for crafting mats that would come up when hitting "L"


Also why on earth did you lock some crafting behind pvp, and farming peaches? I had several alt crafting toons. I had no desire to level them past 50 or to do pvp with them. I apologize to the 5 other ppl I'm going to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off when my undergeared KFM gets into beluga.


The new system is here and probably to stay all I ask is please make a few changes:

-A reduction cost across the board for all mats, materials, and fees

-increase items we can craft at a time from 3 to 4 or 6 would be ideal

-add another bank tab just for crafting item, including things like ss, moonstons etc. that way we can set some aside for crafting only

-please for the love of god remove the pvp, and other unnecessary achievements so I wont have to bring a wonderful group of ppl pvping down with my gear and feeding! I might have miss some things, if you all have some ideas to make crafting better I would love to hear them!

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The new crafting system doesnt need any adjustments because

  • its way easier and faster
  • cheaper

to craft items now.


Lets just take a look on your example. You want to craft 20x Emp. Spirit Stones. No idea why someone needs that many of it but thats up to you.


The common, normal and special materials are a joke. You dont need 7 different gathering professions across of 4 different characters anymore to cover all of them. You can just craft the materials you need for 1.5 gold each and wait 4 days to get them. You dont even have to level up your professions in order to craft normal or special materials like you had before if you needed a special level 4 gathering material.

The rare element isnt hard to obtain as well. Just do DKV with your characters every week and you get 2-4 of them per character.


Only Soulstones, Moonstones, Sacred Orbs, Elysian Orbs and fee left. Lets compare:


Prices of materials on EU Server:

  • 0.16 gold for Soulstones
  • 3.6 gold for Moonstones
  • 1 gold for Sacred Orbs
  • 10 gold for Elysian Orbs


Before (for 1 Emp. Spirit Stone):

  • 120x Soulstone
  • 120x Sacred Orb
  • 90x gold Fee

I dont count the gathering materials. They were barely 1-5 gold. It was just a pain to craft them because you needed a few accounts and log back and forth to send them to each other.

You need 229.20 gold to craft 1 Emp. Spirit Stone with the old system.

You need 4584 gold to craft 20 Emp. Spirit Stones with the old system.


You need 5 characters if you want to craft 1 Emp. Spirit Stone per day or 25 characters to craft 20 Emp. Spirit Stones in 4 days. Thats just to compare how much easier and faster it is now.


After (for 20 Emp. Spirit Stones):

  • 600x Soulstones
  • 150x Moonstones
  • 600x Scared Orbs
  • 150x Eylsian Orbs
  • 300x gold Fee

I dont count the gathering materials here as well.

You need 3036 gold to craft 20 Emp. Spirit Stones with the new system.

You need 151.80 gold to craft 1 Emp. Spirit Stone with the new system.


As you can see the new crafting system is way easier, faster and cheaper. You save around 77 gold per Emp. Spirit Stone now. On top of that you dont need 25 or even 5 characters to craft these Stones anymore. If you want to make it cheaper because "we dont get the same amount of gold"....what will the prices be then? Save 100 gold per Stone compared to the old System?


There is a reason why the price of Transformation Stones dropped from 16 to barely 10 gold. Items like Purification Jar which every new character needs anyway are a joke now. Just a few Soulstones and Sacred Orbs and wait a few days. It was a pain to craft even 1 before because you needed to craft different materials on a few characters just to get 1 per day.


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IMO, the new crafting system has:



-Eliminate the need of having multi-professions just to craft an item (i.e: Merry Potter provides Refiners to Soul Warden to craft STS, Acquired Taste provides cookies for Silver Cauldron to make dye, which is used to make Spirit Charms...)

-Allow self-supply with useful items much better at cheaper costs.

-Make use of bound materials for self-supplying.

-Provide better quality (Max ranked items) and more choices for output quantity.

-Much more time-saving.

-Much easier to level up.

-Don't need to pay much attention on.

-It kills bots farming quartz, feathers, meats and other stuffs.



-Render alt crafting useless. Sure, you can still craft some account-bound items with alts, but best items (food, potion) are character-bound (which is dumb, cuz this kill alt-crafting)

-You need Rare Elements to craft Masterwork items and tradable items. To get the element, you have to grind dungeons and raid. This kills low-level alt crafting and alt-account crafting. You need reasonable geared characters to farm Big Six comfortably for Rare Elements, and even when you do, you cannot grind Rare elements for all 10 crafting characters in daily basic. To make 350 STS per day, you need 300 Rare Elements

-Since Rare Elements are account-bound, this kills alt account crafting.

-You need achievement to craft certain outputs. Peach farm/10-winBeluga gives best time/output, while Lord of the Flame/Xanos gives best EXP. This kill low-level alt crafting too.

-Since it is cheap, as well as it is current Trove time, it does not provide much profits.


Previously, I made 100-150g profit per day (even 200-300g when prices were good) with 18 crafters from two accounts. Now I barely scrape through days with gold from dailies


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On top of ruining most of what I was doing in crafting the new system rendered three guilds useless, Acquired Taste, Earthseers, Silver Cauldron.  These guilds don't craft anything for gear evolution and the pathetic things they can craft for trade cost so much nobody even bothers.  Those that do bother, lose money.

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