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Suggestions on Tower of Infinity's token supply

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Tower of Infinity never rotated a season before. This happens in Korea, as well as in other regional servers. So for tokens of previous seasons, you will pretty much have no mean to farm them, aside from grinding gold to buy them from marketplace and F10 as fast as possible while the prices are still cheap.


As time passes, the abundant supply of tokens when a new season hits will keep getting diminished, resulting in price spikes. Fury tokens used to be 5g each, and now it is 20g each. Triumph tokens are facing a similar fate, with its price keeping climbing toward 10g threshold and beyond. Devotion is pretty stable, due to the badge is more pvp oriented and is not many of them are  useful in PvE, hence less demand.


Courage season will going to last for another two months, and I don't want to think about how expensieve Triumph and Fury tokens will become.


At the present, the only way to get previous colored tokens are through F10 Daily Specials. This help lessen the prices somewhat when Fury/Triumph are on sales, but it does not stop them from climbing  up in prices.


I think that old ToI tokens should be farmable, regardless of season. It does not only provide more supply of tokens, but also make it cheaper for new players to access them. 1000-2,000g per badge is very expensive for their humble income, and it is counter-intuitive for a MMO that makes it harder for new players to get items from old contents, just because they are latecomers.


Here is my suggestion:

-Make ToI tokens of every season "Blank" in color, so you don't have fuss about this color and that color tokens

-Blank tokens can be exchanged for a token with color of choice. 

-Colored tokens traded with blank tokens are all bound to account, to make it more alt friendly. 

-When a new season comes, blank tokens of previous season become sealed. F10 sells sealed version too.

-ToI boxes have a chance to drop sealed blank tokens.

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I like this idea of yours.

Firstly it generates more interest for TOI. Right now, i hardly go TOI cause the season of token is not what I need. But if this system were to kick in, which I know it can since its building on the item exchange system whereby BNS codes have more than enough capability to do so, then I'll be going TOI everyday. 

Good idea to generate interest and getting more people to play it. 

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