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Crashing everytime, cant even log or switch charaters

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Ok,  so before i start this complaint i want to let any moderator that is  reading this is I already submitted my ticket,  i DID NOT get  of this  issue FIXED AND ITS BEEN 3 DAYS! so please, DO NOT   TELL ME  GO SUBMIT  A TICKET OR TELL ME ITS  MY COMPUTER PROBLEM BECAUSE I  KNOW ITS NOT.  This stupid issue has been going on since you guys did the maintenance on Tuesday which was weird, ever since then i am having issues switching characters ,i am having issues going in the cross sever and just trying to get the loading screen there are times where i cant even put in my password let alone my pin without it crashing, everything was fine until you guys did  something on Tuesday. now i cant even log on to do my dailies on all 6 characters, cant do my jackpot or events because i cant get on. I have a BT raid to do today that i cannot afford to miss and my clan needs me. SO PLEASE, can you guys look into this  and fix this  because i am extremely pissed off that this is not getting resolved.

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