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Which Mystic Badge?

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Pulse badge = tombstone 8s buff to RMB +100% damage
Revelation = moonshine 8s buff to RMB + 50% damage
I disagree with the comparison of time. You'll always want the 20% CD and infinite focus Tombstone in shadow but
Tombstone and moonshine v1 are each 90s and 60s respectively.
V2 are 45s and 24s respectively.
Subtract 8s from each to represent their downtime.
37s downtime with Tombstone vs 16s with moonshine.
My conclusion would be that you'd get more burst going pulse and more sustain going revelation.
This assumes that the additional shadow damage makes it a 1:1 comparison.

The first bullet/round per volley during Flame-type Bullet storm gets 6.5x damage + base
230% Damage boost overall per volley during Tombstone >> Bulletstorm

Firefall i guess you could use v2 for the +100%. would support the use of the HolyFire badge more but user dependent.
The C skills give decent buffs with respect to sustain it seems whereas the Tab are burst.

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