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Make Infinite Windwalk everywhere

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One of this game's distinguishing feature is the Windwalk. Unlike other games where you ride a bulky animal/vehicle that you summon from thin air and useless in dungeon content, Windwalk gives the player the ability to travel fast through the wide landscape, and is also useful in dungeons.


However, as a tool for exploration, Windwalk has its limit due to stamina bar. Take example in Celestial Basin since its change to Infinite Windwalk, players can enjoy running on the wall to a height where they cannot before, gazing at the whole landscape and glide down a great distance. This give a strong sense of exploration.


So, I suggest to just enable the bar to be infinite everywhere.


For the Windwalk quests that extend the stamina bar, they can instead give a slightly better speed upgrade, so that players can travel even faster. In battlegrounds and arena, however, the speed modification should be set to default.

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since there's no other way to travel fast  (windwalk  and windstride) i see no reason why it shouldnt be unlimited , it disengage when the player is in combat , running here and there and waiting to recover is not that appealing to me it breaks the mood for some reason , so i agree with making it unlimited it could make the skill+exploration more enjoyable 

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actually, when you have the full windwalk skills, you can get to most places in one shot, or close to it.


It's funny, out of habit, when i'm in celestial, I still let off at about the time the windwalk would normally run out

also, in celestial, there is only a few cases where the extended windwalk is nice, but most trips+teleporters are < a normal full windwalk


bottom line: Old man cho will put a stop to this notion heh.

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I'd say make the "Surge" skill restore stamina. There's little to no point in using "Dive" and "Surge", might as well make "Surge" restory 3-5 seconds of stamina or make it restore 10-15 seconds with a 13-18 second cooldown so that people don't have to go crazy spamming it.

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On 10/15/2017 at 7:24 AM, Jack Valent said:

No Thanks. I prefer limited.


11 hours ago, iCream said:

No, i like how is it, but would be nice if we can get mounts or more stamina

Apparently you two see an advantage/pro to having limited windwalk that I am having trouble seeing. Also i'm going to have to say no to mounts, I would much rather have more windwalk effects like wings and what not that you can buy from f10. 

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It's more fun and challenging to play, jumping, climbing, running, flying with a little strategy.

I remember first playing Naryu Labyrinth haha. It was fun there.

Or for now climbing Naryu Sanctum pillars, then jumps between pillars. Fail then go run on root of shame. =D

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