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Peach Quests aren't giving what they say


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I just started farming peaches and I got a quest to "Defeat the Naryu Dreadnought in the West Ritual Chamber." for 1004 peaches...



After killing the Naryu Dreadnought it said I completed the quest and said "Gained 906 Celestial Peach(es)." instead of 1004 like it said I would get...



This was also the last of my 3 quests so it gave me new quests, as you can see in the previous screenshot.  One of the quests was to acquire the essence from the Naryu Dreadnought that I had just killed and the screen said 1004 peaches on that one as well.  However, when I picked up the essence it also said I only gained 906 peaches.


Seems like a bug to me.


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