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Game Crash


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4 hours ago, PhoenixMitra said:



We are sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Please be so kind and submit a ticket to Support if you haven't done so already. It may take a little while for them to respond, but they will be able to trouble shoot this with you at a one-on-one basis and look into this for you.


Thank you!

Well  i have submitted my ticket and  nothing has been resolved. Ever since Blade and soul had this maintenance on Tuesday its been getting worse. It's not our  computers thats the problem is whatever you guys did in that maintenance is messing up everyone. so you guys need to have a mandatory maintenance ASAP. LIKE TODAY! and extended s trove and the event. because im getting pissed off with this crashing 20 times a day and  i cant do my dailies let alone log on.

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