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7 hours ago, Rhaegyss said:

Hi, I'm a newbie here, I'm level 21 Warlock class.. I would like to know some tips or advice on how to be a strong warlock. What things I should or should not do. Thanks in advance.  <3

hi, 1st and the most important thing is how to play the class,  the warlock is the most sought support class  atm ( bec Soulburn ). if you're gonna start from scratch and not gonna spend RL cash i'll tell you honestly that it will be slow  but only if you dint play hard. right now just prioritize on how to get to level 50 by doing main quest and do not waste any gold that you receive along the way you'll gonna need it for the most important part ( weapon ). at current system getting legendary weapon is easy to get but advancing it in higher stage is diff matter though. im a solo player when i started playing this game and i need to work real hard ( if not triple hard ) and then i manage to create alts  although it's highly consume time and resources, but benefit is just as great. just focus first on leveling some items will be provided to you while doing the quest, i don't have to tell you step by step since you will learn it eventually while you progress , getting to level 50 hm5  should be easy for you if you play it correctly.

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