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Why people hate summoners.


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in pvp

1) cat is unusually difficult to use escape skills to escape from.

2) heal form petal storm.


But that pales to what is wrong for pve.


The Summoner pet AI is designed to mess up melee marking mechanics.  Her,e is , as near as I can tell what the AI is.

a) if summoner doesn't attack, pet does nothing.  This is fair, as it prevents AFK farming.

b) if pet has no aggro target, and summoner attacks or sends pet out with tab, pet selects that aggro target, runs over to it, and auto attacks.

c) pet keeps that aggro target until recalled, it dies, or is ordered to a new aggro target with tab. This is actually decent, because it lets you send the pet to off tank something while you go for the main boss. 

d) pet dances behind target. repeatedly.


If Q is specced to taunt, then the pet will keep facing the boss the wrong way because it will keep circling behind it. this can of course be solved by NOT pressing Q, BUT...


When a melee party member has to be marked, not only does the cat need to be recalled, but the summoner must stop DPS completely, risking an enrage due to loss of dps, because as soon as it attacks the boss, the cat goes running right back it, possibly getting close enough to get marked.  The only way to stop THAT is to not have the pet out,  but if the cat is already out, there's no way to get rid of it, except for farewell which is only usable if the summoner is dead.

so we have to kill the pet outside of the dungeon.


but having done this, we lose many things,

1) ability to use cat farewell to prevent wipes.   This is very handy in shattered masts final boss, for example, and i've saved parties many times.

2) ability to tell cat to revive a player.

3) one of the very few iframes our class has (true friend bubble).  So NOT having the cat out can get us killed.

4) ability to use cat taunt to group twin bosses together so they can both be DPSed simultaneously.

5) ability to use other Q to recover focus.


I propose a very simple solution.


Code the pet A.I. to not attack bosses (as determined by the presence of a boss bar) without using tab to send the pet in.


While summoners are very much appreciated when mechanics are being ignored (that party heal can make a number of them irrelevant), they are often a liability when there are mechanics that can't be DPSed through.  If we have to worry abut mechanics then we also have to worry about enrage timers, so with or without the cat, the class is a liability.


Please give us summoners a way to keep the pet back when we have to without stopping dps.

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and when i do that i get yelled at for stopping dps.


of course the huge influx of new level 50 characters does not help.  before that no one complained and soguns lament was easy.  Second boss was going down without even doing a single lightning phase, and asura was going down sometimes without spawning any flowers.  with cross server groups.





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On 27.9.2017 at 10:23 PM, EvaLynBoder said:

I'm confused. The only thing that 'can mark' the cat is Asura in Sogun's Lament afaik.

And that's just a matter of pressing E on his shooting phase and wait with attacking until he brings down the swords.

Pressing Q after using E...and magic the cat crouch and cant get marked cuz its far away and you can do whatever you want. 

If cat awake.. Press E and Q again.. Magic


If cat get marked there.. Magic use E and Q and move away from cat.. All swords goes down to cat and all fine. 


You see, if you can handle your cat. Its not a problem


Okayokay BT 1.Boss its bad if my cat start to make the Buffstransport cuz she likes the egg. But thats a other table

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Usually, boss doesn't mark the cat. However, in Asura, it happens for some reason. In Asura, when you see the red ring is created, Q your cat right away, and stay in the back. Don't bother atking Asura at this point since your LMB won't do anything to him, and if you use RMB, you lose focus and won't gain back anything. If you are still worry that cat suddenly run to Asura, E it. For me, I just don't atk during that phase. After the 2nd chi ball get counter/block by your party member, move to the opposite direction of that person and start attacking.


In BT, Q your cat back when the boss summons the add. Make sure you have your aim on the add before hitting that Tab key so your cat doesn't hit the mite egg by mistake.


Summoner and its cat is fine.

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On 11/11/2017 at 1:35 PM, zapzap77 said:

well i got yelled at for stopping dps to keep the cat from running back, so...

In Asura? I don't attack when that red phase is on. E the cat and stands pretty in the back of the group. Why would you want to attack during that anyways... your LMB will be resist so if you want to do damage to him, you have to RMB which will suck all of your focus..

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There's good and bad.


on the one hand back when it mattered i saved so many Shattered Masts boss fights with party heal huzzah to heal through the corrupted water and sea thorn explosions, and  made great use of Farewell to save the fight.  Summoners excel at ignoring and cheesing mechanics, with the combinations of true friend, crouching tiger, and petal storm.


But when they can't be ignored, they are out of practice, which is the main cause of the hate.  the stuff they have to do to handle mechanics is often harder then other classes.  They do not have an easy to time block skill (or any at all) just seed shroud, and ability moves that will cause wipes if specced in the wrong dungeon or raid.  LMB move 2 can cause trouble  Does that happen with other classes?


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