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Gem slots reset@Raven - Rift/Dawnforge

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yesterday I was checking the upgrade path on my gunner, when I hovered my mouse on the green line, wheter it's raven or rift, the pop up says slots are reset.

Then this morning I checked on my BM and there is no reset slot message for raven or the other path, only at level 12 baleful to level 3 rift.


So my question is what the hell with this slot reset story ? Is that a bug ? Is that a hammer scam ? I thought there was no more slot reset when you go seraph/baleful...

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1 hour ago, 855105_1452550243 said:

would like to ask a question related to this upgrade. is there still a chance to gain a slot when upgrading to dawn from bale 12? still sitting at 5 slots on my bale 12...

Yes. With every Switch (Bale->Seraph, Seraph->Bale) or upgrade (doesnt matter at what stage, or raven/dawn/rift)  you have a chance to roll more gem slots.

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