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Finally I have that damn ring ! :D

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I finally got destiny.

Yeah you're may gonna say it's useless but...I'm still happy

The sad thing is that I already farm 120 zakhan's finger when the ring dropped ...

Actually, everybody had the BT ring in my group except one person, and that person (a reroll gunner) was so generous that he didn't try to get it.

I'm sooooo happy.

Now let's farm the belt for 2 years XD

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Good job, now it's only going to take a damn long time till you have all that you need to even upgrade it.

I remember when I got my ring first time, not as happy to make a thread on the forum about it .. but eh...  first time I got the neck and as luck would have it ..2 days later I got the ring as well but I was flat broke and had nothing to upgrade it and be able to slot it... had to stay a week and just look at it till I had the mats for the upgrade. haha. fun times. 

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I've seen the ring drop like 5-6 times in 100+ runs, necklace from dt like 3-4 times in 70+ runs, belt on the other hand ive seen 3 in 70-80 runs (and those 3 were on the later runs, like from the 60th), bracelete ive seen 4-5 on about 20-30 runs...


Another thing that i have to say is that ring from ec it isnt that good to upgrade to 6. it consumes a lot of resources and it isnt great... i advice those who havent got any legendary accesory to get belt and necklace to 6 the sooner the better... and if you want to get ring just upgrade it to stage 1 dont go all the way up to 6 the stats that the ring gives+buff doesnt deserve the resources that you need to upgrade...

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