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Please Fix the KFM Bugs Already!!!


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Before the gunslinger update, the patch you guys added caused some problems on Kung fu master's blue buff (fighting spirit) skill. Every instance (Black Tower, Ebondrake Lair or 2nd boss Thrall at Temple of elivium etc etc) that has soul separation mechanic, glitches the fighting spirit. As you know it supposed to reset comet strike skill during blue buff, but whenever there is soul separation mechanic going on, if you use blue buff it doesnt reset comet strikes. You get other buffs but comet strike is not resetting which is huge dps loss.


Also with gunslinger update we got new bugs on kfm. As we know this new ui shows hongoom soul procs , weapon procs and bracelet procs. I have a magnum soul badge that applies stage 1 searing palm when you use guiding fist (RMB) and as you know each searing palm stage procs the bracelet. If I apply searing palm by using guiding fist to get advantage from my soul badge, on UI it doesnt show that bracelet is procced. However even tho it doesnt show it, its effect is active. This happens only at stage 1 searing palm that is applied with Guiding fist with magnum badge. Just UI bug. Also weird thing is if I apply searing palm stage 1 by clicking X instead of using guiding fist, UI shows that bracelet is active.


I dont know what is the reason behind it but what I think is, when you apply searing palm with guiding fist, it applies searing palm stage 1 for 10 seconds. But when you apply the first layer of palm by clicking X it gives 15 second long searing palm stage 1. I'm using wind element and on skill tree it says stage 1 palm is 15 second as well as stage 2. But I dont know why when you apply palm with the soul badge on, it gives 10 second long palm. Maybe thats why UI is not showing bracelet proc perfectly.


I dont know when you guys gonna fix this but playing KFM is requires huge effort to get a good results but with these weird bugs that you guys don't pay attention makes the gameplay soooooooooooooooooo annoying.


IF you need screenshots or video proff for these bugs I can upload them later on. I hope for once you guys can pay attention and fix these bugs in next maintance.


Best regards,

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