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Ice Mystic Badge


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I'm sitting at Baleful Stage 7, Blue Moon Badge, and 8/8 MSP Soulshield, with Pinnacle accs. I've got HM Right Punch, Frost Storm and Chi Burst.
Which weapon upgrade path should I take? Take Baleful to 12? Move straight into Dawn?
Should I aim for the Enigma Badge to work with the MSP bonus or get the Pulse Badge since it'll be the current endgame BiS(been getting feathers from Daily/weekly so I'm nearly there)?
Which accs should I replace first/aim for?

Thank you

Edit: My stage 7 Baleful has 5 slots, is it worth rerolling from Scaleburn to stage 1 until I get 6 slots?

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Wowza! I am about in the same boat as you Elyndra! I do know that the Enigma is quit a nice damage boost for Iron Shoulder with the MSP 8 set. I would say grab it. I mean if you have the Twilight flowers to do so, it would not affect your moving to the Pulse badge as the currency for the pulse is feathers. Just grind them there peaches! LOL! This is what I will be doing myself once I am done with the peaches...in like seven years.

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there was a topic asking the same question and i answered it. you dont buy raven ss from feathers cause it doesnt make sense. just farm it. spend feathers on pulse if you get the FULL raven set.  msp set syncs with enigma, raven set syncs with pulse.

get the necklace from dt, belt from nf, get elemental ring/earring from skybreak spire.


hm chi burst? wow, you should've spent that gold on something else, cause thats definitely notthe first thing you wanna get at this state. but its good to have :)

baleful 12 is the goal, after that you go dawnforged then at stage 6 you swap to raven, ez pz.  if you participated the previous pvp event you should/should've spent medallions on nebulas to reduce the weapon ugprade cost.  i mean stage7 and chi burst, seems off balance to me :D

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