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Extreme Lag Bug + Black Spots on Toon


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Ok, so my friend and I agreed to play some pvp once he got to level fifteen and maybe unlock his marital tome so he can get a competitive edge when fighting against my other characters, but when he decided to log on today to do so, he found out that the game was being extremely laggy, to the point that it was pretty much unplayable for him, it worked just fine when he was playing it just yesterday, but he could barely make it past the character selection screen without crashing. When he checked his FPS on his second attempt of trying to hop on the game, it was at an astonishing 0. Whatever he changed in the graphics settings wouldn't matter either as it would be at 0 no matter what he adjusted. A while back he also noticed that there were Black Spots on his toon, so I asked him if he could send me a screenshot to send to me, when he did, the game crashed immediately after the screenshot was taken. He doesn't know of anything that could've happened between the last time he played it, and when he tried playing it 15 minutes ago. The exact thing he told me was this.

"Before I went to football and left for a friend's house, it was working fine, no lag or anything. Today I go to open it and suddenly it's in full screen mode and lagging like hell."

Here is the picture of the bug, you can tell he set the graphics to lowest as well.


Is anyone else experiencing the same problem, and is there any way to fix it? Thanks! 

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