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Warlock DragonCall


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as I know when u land a critical with dragoncall you will have another instant cast dragoncall, so if this instant dragoncall land a crit it should give us an instant dragoncall again, right? but it wont. there's something like a timer to use that effect again like 1-2 second(s) and you get the instant dragoncall effect again when you land a crit. 

It's kinda weird but the effect ain't real.


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No, the extra dragoncall will never cast another dragon, that would be stupid.

In theory you could indefinitely cast dragoncall by itself if that were the case.


I don't know where you got the idea that the extra one 'should' cast yet another extra dragon, but that was never a thing.

The secondary cast only applies to manual dragoncalls, not the free ones.

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