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Returnin to the game - help


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Well i don't see a real advantage to start a new char... you are probably not finished with the main quest so you get the stuff anyway. 

The only reason would be if you wanna change appareance but don't want to pay for the ticket ;) You don't get that great stuff early on in the story, so i would stick with the one you have... if you are unsure about any skills, try the hongmoon training thing (F12 i think), there are some basics explained.

For you gear... just do the story, you get better necklace/others, a soul, a pet, the soul shield might be better or worse (but you can simply see that for yourself), other juweles and the legendary weapon (a pre thing, where you can directly choose between light and dark with some mats)... but most of these thing come with chapter 6 or 7, so you probably haven't done that ;)

From there you are ready to go to dungeons or msp (for the soul shield). You also should distribute your hongmoon points. They can be found by pressing p (on the right side of the window). For starters, 10 into defensive and rest into attack is always an option where you are safe in pve stuff. You can change them as often as you want, so feel free to do so ;) but please don't go 13 and 12 or something ;) a certain amount of points gives extra advantages, which is listed below the points. So ist makes more sense to put 10 or 20 in def than 14 or 16 or something like that (if you want to go tower for example).

Also if you do the tower of infinity to stage 20, you can but a 35 ap gem from the npc there.


Thats all i can think of now, maybe someone else can add things i forgot...

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