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"Hongmoon Brilliant Key" doesn't work after maintenance


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48 minutes ago, Drogkid said:

The key "Hongmoon Brilliant Key" doesn't work (appear in options) when we try open weapon box after today's maintenance.


Can any verify with this is issue?



Have it in your inventory and it will give you the option of "Brilliant Key" It works but both are lumped in together.

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6 hours ago, Drogkid said:

No my friend - I opened the Accursed weapon box using "Hongmoon Brilliant Key". Asura weapon box didn't work with the "Hongmoon Brilliant Key". Do u undertood?

well maybe you can clarify that, he is telling about something all alredy know that asura weapon box need "3 hongmoon/brillant keys" not 1, maybe thats why you cant open it

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