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I use OTP (random 6 digit number using app on phone) in an effort to prevent hackers from gaining access to my account, which I have invested money and countless hours into developing.  Imagine my surprise when I read threads on another well known BnS forum, complete with screencap evidence of email chains from BnS GMs, that not only is just an email with no proof required to REMOVE THE OTP, but hackers have been successful, on numerous occasions, in getting GMs to remove the OTP and even delete IP addresses of legitimate users.  


I completely understand the need to remove OTP, but it should be granted ONLY with verification of account using standard online security measures, like answer 5 security questions, or whatever.


NCWest... how can you encourage people to use something to increase security, and then provide a loophole the size of North America for would-be thieves to jump through?


PLEASE STAHP /bnstears


PS: here is a link to GM email thread asking no follow up security questions to remove the OTP



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